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Take everyone’s word for it! Read our reviews on Google. And then jump on Yelp! to read some more. And if you can’t get enough, check out even more reviews on Angie. You’ll like what you see.

Price Guarantee for You

Our upfront pricing model guarantees no hidden fees and no surprise charges on moving day. Once we quote a price based on the size and distance of the move, we stick to it – allowing you to stick to your budget.

Premium Customer Service

Experience prime customer service without paying the premium price. We’re there for you from start to finish, answering questions and alleviating concerns. Our team applies our experience and expertise to your situation, creating the best outcome for your move.

Move On Time

With our experience, we’ve got the timing down to a science. Experts in logistics, we arrive prepared and on time and deliver your belongings unharmed and in plenty of time. Guaranteeing arrival times and delivery dates, we make your relocation smooth and seamless.

Professional Movers

We train our team to leverage best practices to pack and deliver your belongings safely and proficiently. Equipped with the best tools, our movers apply their knowledge and experience to every scenario to deliver the best results for your move.

Secure Packing Services

We pack your belongings to ensure their safe transit and delivery to their new spot. Following specific procedures, we wrap valuables and furniture individually to protect everything throughout the process from loading to unwrapping.


About Us

Pure Moving Company

Pure Moving Company has been a highly successful local moving business for over 6 years. Thanks to word-of-mouth and life-longfans, we now move 5,000+ clients every year. People are raving about us online! Why? Because, we really care, we don’t overcharge and we deliver what we promised!


Are you licensed and insured?

We are a fully licensed and insured company….

How is the reservation process done?

It’s very easy. Give us a call to check availability and ask any question you have about your move. Then go to reservation tab on our websit…

Do you have any hidden charges?

We do NOT have any kind of hidden charges. Everything you need for your move is included in our rate.

Welcome to Pure Moving Company!

Offering both local and long-distance moving, we help 5,000 of your neighbors annually. Always ready to help, our experience serves our clients whether they are relocating within the city, to a new city, or to another state. We customize the move to meet the customer. From apartment moving to commercial moving and everything in between, we apply our expertise to carefully and efficiently moving our customers’ items around the block or along several highways. We begin with transparent pricing, and we finish with a settled move with top notch customer service for the whole trip.

Area of service

What started out as a small operation grew into our expansive company covering both coasts. If you’ve been looking for moving companies in my area, you’ve found a local mover whose territory is expanding almost as fast as word spreads about us. We service the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County regions of California plus South Florida and the Seattle region of Washington state. We handle small jobs that require only a couple of hours to complete, as well as several-day transits of an entire household. A local mover, we help our neighbors move within the same zip code or move to a new time zone safely and quickly.

Services we offer

Local Moving

Whether you’re leaving a small place or a six-bedroom house, we help you move to the next street, to the next town, or to the other side of the county. We’ve been helping your neighbors for years. Let us help you this time around – even if it’s just around the block.

Long-Distance Moving

Depend on our relocation services to transport your home and family to the next state or to the other side of the country. Leveraging our experience in logistics, we make your transition as seamless and pleasant as possible. Arriving safely to your new home, we set up everything exactly as you request it. 

Commercial Moving 

Need to move a business but don’t want to lose any momentum over it? We accommodate overnight moves to get you back in business the next morning. We also move office or commercial space during weekends and holidays, ensuring your staff has everything they need from day one in the new spot.

Residential Moving

No matter where you live, we will move your residential space for you. Our team assists with planning and logistics to complete the transport of your household belongings without a hitch. We help pack up your home if you need that level of support. Or we simply load and unload boxes and furniture if you prefer to do the packing.

Apartment Moving

Our team of expert movers apply resourcefulness to moving your apartment. Navigating several turns with a large piece of furniture is only the start to their careful and calculated approach to delivering your belongings from one apartment to the next. Lean on them to carry your boxes up several flights of stairs.

Full Service Moving

Leave everything to us. We pack the entire contents of your home in a safe and secure manner. After disassembling your furniture, we wrap it along with other valuables. We then load everything onto our moving truck and carefully transport your belongings either to another part of the neighborhood or another part of the country. We then unload, reassemble, and unpack everything, leaving your new home ready for you.

Military Moving

We have expanded our services to include military moving to acknowledge the special circumstances under which our service men and women move around the country. We assist in planning the move and completing the paperwork. Following the prescribed timeline, we deliver your items safely and on time, allowing you to focus on your service.

Celebrity Moving

We practice discretion when carrying out our celebrity moves. While maintaining our professionalism in packing items and wrapping furniture, we protect privacy. Providing a safe and secure move, we deliver on our experience and expertise. Always-on-time, our moves run smoothly and seamlessly no matter the circumstances.

Seniors Moving

Our excellent customer service comes in handy when assisting seniors with their move. We handle the details and provide a stress-free and safe experience moving the contents of a home from point A to point B. Supporting our clients at every stage is part of our brand.

Furniture Moving

Take advantage of our hourly moving services if you need someone to move furniture to another location in your home or to another location across town. We will spend an hour or a day moving furniture until we complete the job. Whether you need movers for your home or for a commercial space, we can fulfill your requirements.

Same Day Moving

If you need to quickly hire movers with truck, we can accommodate last minute or same day moving. Feel free to call to discover how fast we get going in helping you move in the same day. Enjoy our flexibility while we safely load and unload your belongings with short notice.

Packing Services

Whether you require packing up the entire house or you only need furniture wrapping, we can customize our service to match your packing needs. We can handle the careful packing of your antiques, as well as the robust disassembly and wrapping of your largest pieces of furniture. We cover it all.

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